--- Why choose VSabers ---

Vsabers use high-quality, durable parts and components, just to restore your favorite lightsaber in the movie, giving you an elegant weapon to claim your place. Partnering with the best suppliers around the world allows Vsabers to create stunning custom sabers.

We believe that good service is powerful, hard work is essential, and pursuing our passion is important. Simply put, at VSabers we come to work as big fans to have fun and share the fun.

May the force be with you!

Neopixel Lightsaber

What Is a Neopixel Lightsaber? What makes a lightsaber Neopixel is a... 


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    All assembled sabers come with a year warranty covering any defects and saber dueling. Learn more.

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    We provide free logistics service worldwide. And we promise fast delivery within 3-5 working days. Learn more.

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    Provide fast customer service. Promises to respond within 24 hours and offer a satisfactory resolution. Learn more.